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Alex Large and Liane Sommers have been living and working together as visual artists for a while. Their work spans site-specific performance and installation art, to music videos and commercials and their background as artists, producers and performers have provided a unique grounding for their role as directors.

Their artificial approach to light and art direction has generated consistently distinctive, high-contrast images.

"We love to visually juggle with polar opposites, maybe it's a symptom of two minds colliding."

AlexandLiane are most known for their unique and inventive work in the music video world for acts such Kylie,  La Roux, Tiga, Zebra Katz and German band Deichkind.


Live performance and installation of Art funded projects for the following institutions ...

The I.C.A, London

Tate Modern London

Southbank Centre, London

Berlin Biennale

Documenta, Kassel

Sean Kelly Gallery , New York

Walker Centre for the Arts, Minneapolis

Volksbühne, Berlin

The State Opera, Berlin

HAU, Berlin

A X L 2024

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